Forms for Students Returning to Elementary 1 or Elementary 2

These are the student forms for those NEW and returning to the RMS Elementary 1 and Elementary 2 programs (grades 1-6)

Please download all forms. You are welcome to fill out your forms once they've been downloaded. Please note that some forms have a "drop down" selection, they are not prefilled.

The immunization records and Doctor's Health Summary forms must be filled out by your child's physician and must be returned BEFORE your child begins school. If you are a Conscientious Objector for immunizations, you MUST have your immunization form notarized as such.

Unfortunately, failure to return completed health forms will mean your child cannot attend school.


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El and MS Student Checklist.pdf

Permissions and Transportation rev916.pdf This contains vital information for emergency contacts and must be completed by a parent or guardian.

School health form rev12202016 to be completed by Parent or Guardian.pdf This form contains important information regarding the health and safety of your student.

Request for Textbooks Standardized Tests and Indiv Instruction Material_18.pdf

Request for District Pupil Health Services_18.pdf

Additional Services Registration Form.pdf This form needs only be completed if you intend to enroll your student in Early Drop Off or Late Pick Up programs.

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