Redwoods - February 2016

Curriculum Themes: Dental Health, Animal Teeth, Heart Health, Shadows


We kicked off February with making some Groundhog day predictions and luckily Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow so hopefully his forecast for an early spring will hold true! We are all ready for some sunny, warm weather! This has lead to some fun discussions and experiments about light sources and shadows.


Also this month is children's heart health and dental health month. Along with the jump rope for heart event tomorrow (the kindergarten children will participate in this during their regular movement class time) we will be spending this month focusing on healthy habits as well as the parts of the tooth and the heart. We are hoping to have a dentist come for a visit toward the end of the month. We started our discussion last week and ended the week with a dental experiment. By putting holes in an apple and leaving it out over the weekend we demonstrated how a tooth decays with cavities. Next we will be focusing on how to brush your teeth and other ways to keep your smile healthy.


Just a reminder with Valentine's day approaching this weekend that we will not be celebrating this holiday in the classroom. If your child would like to send Valentine's please mail them from home. We will be spending some time this month talking about how to be a good friend and how to show your friends and family you care for them.


Some of the books we are reading this month are:

A Look At Teeth by: Allan Fowler

Going to the Dentist by: Stephen Cartwright

How do we Use Light? by Daniel Nunn

Light and Dark by: Daniel Nunn

Sources of Light by: Daniel Nunn

Hear Your Heart by: Paul Showers

How Full is Your Bucket? by: Tome Rath and Mary Reckmeyer

Everyone is Special and Unique by: Regina Burch

Me I Am! by: Jack Prelutsky

It's Okay to Be Different by: Todd Parr



Upcoming Events:


No school- February 15

International Festival- February 27


Redwoods Classroom Visit- March 8, 3;15 pm



Happy February,

Michelle and Nikki

Redwoods Staff

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