We have created Google Calendars for the main school events as well as each individual classroom. Google Calendars can be automatically loaded into your own Gmail, iPhone, Outlook, or other calendar systems. Please scroll to the bottom for instructions.

RMS Calendar

If you use GMail or Google Apps, please log in to your personal account first, and then click on the little button above that says "+ Google Calendar". You will be able to choose which calendars you would like to add.

If you are running Outlook or iCal on your computer and would like to download the calendars to your program, please click the following links.

To add the RMS Main calendar or any individual classroom calendars, please click on the links below:

RMS Main Calendar Acorns Pinecones
Birches Cypress Redwoods
Willows E1 East E1 West
E2 East E2 West Middle School
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