PTSA Flower Volunteers

RMS Flower Pickup Instructions

1. On the Monday that you are to pick up flowers, go to the floral counter at Sargents on 2nd St. and the Hy-Vee Crossroads floral department, by Panera near Apache Mall, and tell them you are from RMS to pick up old flowers. They will give you their discarded flowers for free. You can pick them up around 8.30am, after dropping your child off at school, or later in the day.  To contact Sargents, call Sandy (floral manager) at 289-6068.  To contact Hy-Vee, call Renee (floral manager) at 289-7500.

2. Bring the flowers to the school and use the kitchen off the gym to divide them into bunches. 

3. Distribute bunches of about 6 stems each to:sakura1-300px.png

  • Birches
  • Cypress
  • Willows
  • Redwoods
  • Acorns
  • Pinecones
  • Art (Sharri's room)
  • E2 East (Sarah's class)

Children’s House and Toddler children use them for flower arranging as a practical life exercise. Please give them smaller flowers.

4. If there are lots of flowers, you may distribute to other rooms. Usually there is enough to give some flowers to these additional places:

  • Dayhouse
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • Diane
  • Front Office
  • Teachers Break room
  • Early Drop off/Late pick up rooms 

Flowers can be dropped off at the sink in the classrooms or in the baskets by the doors.

5. When completed, clean up the space used to organize the flowers. The office can help you if you have any questions.   

If you have any concerns or are unable to pick up flowers on a scheduled day, please contact Courtney Swenson!

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